Self-Setting Metal Rat Trap

metal rat trap

Self setting metal rat trap

Strong metal rat trap will last for years

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SelfSet Rat Trap setting Instructions

1/ Release Fly-over arm from rat trap bait trigger and swing over this arm to the open position so that it extends out from the back of the rat trap

2/ Fix bait firmly. Tie or wire it on through the hole in the rat trap bait hook , half cooked bacon is best.

3/ BEFORE the rat trap is set place it at right angle to the skirting or wall

4/ THEN pull back the catching hoop, this will knock over the extended Fly-over arm and the rat trap sets its self

5/ Carefully remove thumb pressure from catching hoop, making sure the end of the fly-over arm engages the rat trap bait trip

6/ The SelfSet rat trap relies on the rat pulling upwards on the bait, thus dislodging the fly-over arm and triggering the catching hoop, the spikes on the base plate are provided to prevent the rat from sliding its head out before the catching loop hits it

7/ The rat trap is best placed inside a plastic drain pipe, in one of our rat bait boxes, under one of our trap covers or under a slate lent up against a suitable wall or fence to protect other non target animals or children, Make sure there is enough room for the rat trap to operate _ _ _ _ _ _ _