Live capture humane rat cage traps.

Cage traps catch the rat alive and normally unharmed and are in two categories single catch rat trap and multi catch rat trap, lets start with the multi catch rat traps. click here for the single catch rat traps

family rat trap

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14" Family rat trap, this is a multi catch trap capable of catching whole families but in reality only catches one or two rats at each setting, it can be re-used indefinatly and should last a few years without maintenence.

Good for catching rats inside or outside but by having a spring loaded entrance door it could harm other animals so they should be protected by placing the trap under an upturned plastic box, cabbage crate, or wooden apple box.

Monarch Multi catch rat trap.

Just like you saw years ago hung up in your dads shed, still popular and built to last.

monarch rat trap

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Single catch run through rat trap

run through rat trap

Our run through rat trap is best use on existing rat runs, beams, bridges, fencelines etc.

Its a large trap but benifits from requiring no bait in order to work relying on the rat's normal search pattern to catch the rat

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Single catch rat trap, inward closing door

single catch rat trap

Large single catch rat trap with inward closing door

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Economy rat trap

economy rat trap

Rat cage trap simple spring loaded door with locking bar 18"x6"x6" with easy setting & 3/4" holes

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Single catch rat trap (small)

single catch rat trap small

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